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Validation Solutions

The core of this is the ability to change faster by adopting newer methodologies and delivering higher quality. Cloud, mobile, social, and big data have been the driving technologies behind digital transformation at most companies worldwide. In addition, digital initiatives are driving higher spend on quality.

As digital transformation gains momentum, the need for speed-to-market is felt severely by both business and IT. To achieve that pace and flexibility, organizations are adopting agile methods and DevOps principles. In addition, there is an emerging need to have testing teams shift-left and be well-integrated with development teams to ensure that that enterprise agility is demonstrated in every aspect.


To offer the dual advantage of a team, which can integrate and work effectively with development teams without losing the independence that we offered so far, Sakash Validation Solutions (IVS) is transforming itself to become the best QA partner, bringing innovation and business value in everything we do.

Sakash Testing Services
Functional Testing

Sakash Functional Testing Methodology is well structured and easily adaptable. It introduces testing early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify defects at the outset.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing services at Sakash are based on the principle of achieving more with less – providing maximum test coverage with the minimum number of test cases, leading to the minimal cost of appraisal and risk.

QA Consulting

To ensure a risk-free and value-driven delivery, it is critical that organizations define and implement tools and technologies in line with the organization’s business goals and aspirations. Sakash QA Consulting provides a comprehensive approach to testing and quality assurance, encompassing aspects of enterprise-wide QA strategy, maturity assessment, QA tools, and infrastructure strategy.

Performance Testing

New technology trends such as social, mobile, cloud, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way enterprises do business. As enterprises make inroads into newer markets, they need to meet rising customer demand with quick delivery and superior experience. Considering that speed-to-market is critical to success, your business needs the right processes, tools, and skills for agile delivery and market-leading quality. This is where optimal system performance testing, helps your enterprise stay ahead of the curve.


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Security Testing

Sakash Security Testing offers services across the systems development life cycle (SDLC). We introduce shift left approach for security testing to ensure security takes at most attention and security risks are mitigated. Sakash unique approach for static and dynamic application security testing helps enterprises protect assents from emerging security threats.

Mobility Testing

As smartphone adoption explodes across the globe, consumers want intuitive interfaces and high-performing mobile applications that deliver superior user experiences. Inconsistent quality and poor performance issues can negatively – and sometimes permanently – impact app adoption

SOA Testing

Our SOA test services can lead to increased agility, better integration, and shorter application life cycles. We provide both functional and non-functional testing services as well as middleware consulting and assessment.

Service Virtualization 

Our consultative approach to service virtualization helps to validate feasibility and proofs of concepts while identifying cost benefits. We help enterprises create seamless testing between interfaces and become less dependent on unavailable system interfaces leading to higher quality results.

Big Data Testing

Organizations today are struggling to handle copious amounts of information, or Big Data, flooding in from various sources such as social media, web logs, emails, etc. While it poses immense challenges, it also holds untold opportunities. To leverage the power of Big Data, information technology (IT) organizations need effective solutions. As IT becomes more data-intensive, Big Data solutions can track and analyze data for meaningful insights that assist in strategic business decisions.

DevOps Testing

Quality and Speed both are equally important in today’s world for businesses to stay successful. To assure both, leading organizations leverage the increasing synergy between development teams and operations teams through an integrated DevOps model. The adoption of a DevOps culture and the tools and practices that comprise DevOps is being driven by the need for continuous collaboration and delivery.

API Testing

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have existed ever since application integration has taken life. As architectural paradigms and delivery methodologies evolve, APIs too have transformed to become repackaged, productized services that are easy-to-use. Quality of APIs has become paramount to the success of digital transformation within an enterprise. This has made QA organizations rethink their testing strategies. Testers are being challenged to scale their skills, approaches, and tools to deliver better and faster solutions to realize the business outcomes that APIs promise. We have a comprehensive set of offerings to address these challenges and make this transformation a reality.

Internet – of – things

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is enabling enterprises to build various connected and smart applications and strengthen multiple dimensions of customer engagement and retention. Building and deploying IoT-based solutions pose multiple challenges to enterprises because of the complex integration between hardware and software in a single system, support for 4Vs (volume, velocity, variety, and veracity) of data flow across the system, and potential security threats around the system. We have developed a comprehensive QA strategy to handle these unique requirements and offer services around device compatibility and interoperability testing, system performance, security, and user experience testing, which are further optimized through extreme automation.

SAP Testing

Sakash SAP Testing service offers services across the lifecycle of SAP transformation programs, implementation, rollout, upgrade, production support, and maintenance. As a trusted partner, we leverage industry-leading testing methodologies to provide our clients with business-driven testing services. Our gamut of services includes unit testing, system testing, system integration testing, regression testing, performance testing, UAT support, and automation testing.

Digital Assurance

Testing the digital dimensions of a business is not limited to one application or an integration of a few. Digital testing must ensure superior and seamless customer experience across channels and devices. Sakash Digital Assurance solution addresses the multifaceted needs of digital transformation testing.

Automation Testing

Owing to the rising need for extreme automation, quality assurance (QA) services are saddled with complex demands from application development, maintenance, and release management. They want radical alternatives that are cost-effective, automated, and resource-efficient. Our end-to-end test automation services enable you to define and build enterprise test automation frameworks, implement test automation frameworks, migrate test automation tools, and script automated test scripts.

Testing Center Of Excellence

Sakash Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) solution is a robust framework that enables enterprises to establish strong quality processes. It comprises strategic assets (people, process, and technology) tied together to realize the vision of a centralized quality organization.

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